New IT officer needed!

After 4 short years, I'm leaving UCL and thus the unelected position of the Music Society's IT officer will be soon empty. We are looking for a candidate willing to operate the Society's IT infrastructure, in particular:

Skills required:

Familiarity with any of the following tools / technologies would be a great advantage:

Once getting familiar with the system, the job requires relatively few working hours throughout the academic year. You gain the opportunity to potentially boost your CV, while greatly helping the Society and get a large freedom to shape the Society's public image.

To maintain continuity, an ideal candidate would provisionally spend at least 2 years at UCL and in the Music Society, but applications for a single year are also encouraged.

To apply, send your CV focusing on your IT/programming skills to i@li.ceyuu.omuscosttccik. Application deadline: 26th April. If necessary, interviews will be held in the third term. Applications will be judged based entirely on merit by the current IT officer and the new IT officer will be appointed by the current president based on the recommendation of the current IT officer. Handover will take place at a convenient date after 12th June.