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General Inquiries should be sent to n@.uiticrposuecm.ycsutolekecdsi.

Questions relating to individual ensembles should be sent to the ensemble managers, email addresses are listed on the ensembles page.

President | Michele Chan | ciptlucsk@ietcmucdres.ienoosyu.

Treasurer | Maya Banerjee | otuccirsuluc.t@eeymksoscrue.ira

Vice President | Daniella Wu | csceuiousuoy.kcmlt@i.cpv

Social Secretary | Sophie Harvey-Rich | scocecoiiycouklt.i.@scusulam

Opera Manager & Producer | Harry Robinson | ckopda.cupceero.or@uur

IT Officer & Webmaster | Eylul Unlu | cscltteoiui@yu.u.mccoiks

Postal Address:
UCL Music Society
c/o CSC Reception
Student's Union UCL
25 Gordon Street