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General Inquiries should be sent to ceci.etruplckt.suys@docinueisom.

Questions relating to individual ensembles should be sent to the ensemble managers, email addresses are listed on the ensembles page.

President Amy Winterbottom kpucssretcic@du.yutmicl.oiesone
Treasurer Chris Bailey cmscuetalyrr.sceertuous@ucoiki.
Vice-President Lottie Craven i.vcesitoomsc.kuuccpyul@
Social Secretaries Libby Kay, Sanjay Harris ysso@mcukucailloe.uic.iosctc
Opera Producers Hermione Killian-Dawson, Angus Benton ru@.eocuaodckcuprope.r
IT Officer Krishna Sudhan mouiuesslickctyuitco@c..
Volunteering officer Adele Posse mtuceinoinlyvur.ecil.goeutcsokusc@

Postal Address:
UCL Music Society
c/o CSC Reception
Student's Union UCL
25 Gordon Street