Symphony Chorus | Contact: ooshc.uuscctl.@ukoiysruceimc
Managers: Riya Banerjee, Melisa Öztürk
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Our largest un-auditioned singing group produces incredibly high quality music despite the wide range of choral experience of its members. Major symphonic works are presented in cooperation with the orchestra, and the group takes part in a complete opera staging in Term 2. All students and staff welcome!

COVID ARRANGEMENT: There is a maximum number of 15 members allowed per rehearsal to accommodate for the additional social distancing measures in indoor spaces, ensuring the safety of all society members. Please email us directly to find out more.

Come along to a taster session on either October 6th or 8th, to see what it's like to be in the Symphony Chorus, and meet our fabulous members! If interested please send us an email with your preferred date so we can arrange our social distancing measures accordingly.

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