Symphony Chorus | Contact: ksucuriy.lccumuc.oioheso@stc
Managers: Riya Banerjee, Melisa Öztürk
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Our largest un-auditioned singing group produces incredibly high quality music despite the wide range of choral experience of its members. Major symphonic works are presented in cooperation with the orchestra, and the group takes part in a complete opera staging in Term 2. All students and staff welcome!

COVID ARRANGEMENT: Each rehearsal will have no more than 6 people. Rehearsals for each group of 6 will be less frequent (once a fortnight/ once a month) due to room booking limitations.

Taster Sessions:We will be extending taster sessions to the whole month of October, to accommodate for more people being able to join. Due to delays in room booking there won't be any in person tasters on the first week of term, but we have scheduled a zoom ‘meet the managers’ for Thursday 8th at 18:30. For information on how to join please visit our facebook page.

In regards to our in-person tasters we are collecting information on our google form. Please fill this out if you're interested.

Important Note: We want to remind you all to purchase the free remote membership before coming to any tasters. This is done for the NHS test and trace service and you won’t be let in otherwise.

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