Committee 2017/18

Selina Yogeshwar
In her first year, Selina was elected orchestra manager after promising to get more of those biscuits with the vanilla cream in the middle for the tea breaks during rehearsal. A year later, she extended her election program to promising to get chocolate digestives for every rehearsal which made her win her position as president of the ucl music society. She is a member of both the chamber choir and the orchestra and dedicates her free time to watching political debates or sometimes even her human sciences degree. In general she is the typical German, starting from her coffee consumption all the way to her tendency to expressing any situation in the form of a German idiom or wisdom.
James Lovering
James first took up music aged seven on the piano and violin, and enthusiastically involved himself in as many school ensembles as possible, also finding time to be a choirboy at Croydon Minster. Singing tenor in the Chorus, Chamber Choir and A Cappella, James is really looking forward to the role of Treasurer, with this being his second year on the committee. He is currently in the final year of his Classics degree.
Jason Chan
Vice President
Jason is a final-year philosophy student. After a year as Chamber Choir Manager in the society, he is taking up what he mistakenly thought would be a semi-retirement position with committee perks and vaguely defined responsibilities. He sings bass, plays piano and guitar. He will also start learning the balalaika once he manages to find replacement strings for the ones he broke while trying to tune the brand new instrument.
Lucia Sanz Vilar
Opera Manager
Lucía joined a local children choir when she was 7, and in the years to follow she had some fun-tastic experiences participating in operas. She continued singing during secondary school and joined Symphony Chorus when she moved to London to study Psychology and Language Sciences. She has had such a great time in UCOpera that now she wants to be its producer! Although she loves singing she never sings at home. Rather, she’s constantly whistling…
Will Strutt
Orchestra Manager
As Will draws near to the end of his time at UCL, the thoughts of having to make decisions of what to do with his life (should he do a PhD or get a job) have been pushed to the back of his mind as he instead takes up the mantle of Orchestra Manager. Having played French Horn in nearly every concert you'd think he'd be able to know when he has to transpose, but alas he's studying for a masters in Physics and Physical Chemistry and so of course he is only able to understand quantum mechanics (well for exams anyway), not the Horn part which changed from Horn in F to Horn in D about 10 minutes and now he has to sit there struggling to work out what each individual note is! When he's not playing in the orchestra you can often find him performing in one of the Musical Theatre shows (look out for the Policeman) or having a drink in one of the union bars. If you see him make sure you say "Hi"!
Tom Allinson
Orchestra Manager
Natalie Bonnick
Chorus Manager
Natalie took up music aged 7, beginning with the saxophone- an instrument that at the time was much bigger than she was! Since Natalie can remember she has always been a member of a choir, loving the sense of community that naturally accompanies singing as part of a group. At UCL, Natalie has thoroughly enjoyed singing with the Symphony Chorus and A Capella ensemble, and playing in the Concert Band. As she embarks on the final year of her History degree, she is very much looking forward to spending even more time with the wonderful UCL Music Society!
Tom Hagley
Concert Band Manager
I am a 2nd year Neuroscience student at UCL, and have been playing Trumpet throughout Secondary School and College. I have been a member of my local Town Band and High School Band, as well as UCL’s Concert Band and Symphony Orchestra. I have also taken part in Musical productions (Cats, Annie, Scrooge) with my local Community Arts Theatre. Currently I manage the concert band, and in my first year I was a Fresher’s Representative for the Music Society.
Hiran Wijekoon
Concert Band Manager
I am a second year UCL student studying Electronic and Electrical Engineering. Military marching band is my main music background. During my time in school, I was a member of the school brass band, playing in almost every school event. I have performed in many Remembrance Day services as a Bugle player, both in and outside school. Other than that, I have been playing piano from a very young age and it is my favourite instrument although I am a trumpet player in the concert band. Outside music I spend lot of time in the gym working out and being healthy.
Sophie Sanford
A Cappella Manager
Sophie, like many others, enjoys a nice suspension and has always wanted to fulfil her Pitch Perfect dream. Acappella is the highlight of her week, and so she is more than delighted to be managing The Eustones, UCL's Acappella group this year. When she's not annoying everyone around her by singing in thirds over popular songs, Sophie enjoys playing violin in the UCL orchestra and dancing / baking. She hopes to make this year acagreat, while she studies for her acadegree in acabiochemistry.
Anish Aggarwal
String Orchestra Manager
I’ve been managing the String Orchestra since September 2017, whilst studying Economics. When I’m not trying to get on top of the mountains of work the department sets, I play the Violin and sing. I’ve been in various orchestras both local and regional, and joined the UCL String Orchestra when I started uni. In some of those, I volunteered to help support inexperienced students new to playing in a group. Overall, the Orchestra Is fun and easy going, but we still manage to pull off some great concerts. It’s great being a part of the committee and getting involved with all the different areas it encompasses. Hopefully I won’t muck it up and you’ll see me here next year too!
Ong Jun Jie
String Orchestra Manager
Fabian Helmrich
Chamber Choir Manager
Philipp Mapara
Social Secretary
Philipp started playing the clarinet at the age of 11 and has always enjoyed the company of his fellow musicians. Being originally from Germany, he has of course brought with him the traditional virtues of the German culture. This primarily includes the extensive consumption of alcohol, preferably beer as well as debating serious issues even after 11pm with great discipline and order. In his free time, Philipp studies Management Science, commencing his second year at UCL. As social sec, he welcomes every member of the society and is looking forward to meeting all the crazy party beasts!